Sunday, February 21, 2010

Learn to Listen ... Listen to learn

I never understood what my mom meant when she use to say that to me but now its quite clear. Instead of looking at me visually teaching now hear me teach. Lets zoom in to the meat of the presentation.
Before you start please remember this there are certain words never to be said in the teaching setting that aren't curse words. One these words "Whacking" (-_- ) this word sent the classroom wild , at least the boys did, better word would be whipping (-___-). Even though you can't whip trees.
I tried updating this I don't know what went wrong but heres my lesson transcript and my feedback form

Lets get ready for labB!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My layup is CRAZYYYY!!!!

Okay watch this video closely ...

Let the video load then click forward to 3:20 watch out for the young lady in blue and white her jump shot is crazzyyyyyyyyyyyy DEFINITELY A MUST SEE!!!! TELL A FRIEND !!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Successful Teaching Session ...well at least to me it is

This is was by far one the best lessons I everrrrr done in life. In this lesson you could tell that I was a more confident with my teaching skills and I was comfortable with my preparation

This is my Time Coding form

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Practicing What I Preach

Hey guys, let me tell about this wonderful week I had. This was the week is the week, where I took a stand and I devoted my free time to getting back in shape. (-__- ) What little people know about me is that before I transferred to SUNY Cortland I attended SUNY Cobleskill. There I participated in track and field and there I was 8 time All-American in the 200m 400m 4x400 and 4x200. Since I been here in Cortland I been injured and burned out and I let my dreams go of track, and in turn I let myself go. I barely worked out did the minimal amount of physical activity and it showed. 2 years ago I was a size 3/4 now i'm a size 8/9.

As physical educator I believe its important that you practice what you preach. If I want my students to be active in their day to day life, why am I not doing the same? So this week I decided to take some of the classes offered by in Tomik Gym. Every day for two hours except for Mondays and Wednesdays ( only a hour) I will be in the gym full throttle getting off my behind

Wish me luck guys !!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Time Management

Hey Guys Im back....

Ok this is the video from my first on the spot teaching assignment that i could upload before. Now you can watch it ..YAY!! See my horrid demo for a spike epic fail :(. But today assignment was to watch the video and see how well we managed our time. from the looks of it i feel i did really well for my first time. Students didnt really spend much time waiting for instruction and but according to the time coding form i spent a lot of time on instruction which wouldnt benefit much from

Monday, February 8, 2010

Rolling Forward !!

Ok so this teaching vid wasn't so much on the spot teaching, but still on the spot. As always still nervous but in this video i think that i controlled it much better than before. While watching the video could i tell that i just wanted to get away, right away, far way from the camera and i kinda cut off my closure to my mini lesson. I do a lot of fiddling with my hands and that can be distracting to a lot of children so i need to work on keeping my hands still when teaching my lesson. I also like i could chosen specific cues to ding a forward roll and that would have made my lesson better.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Going back to my on the spot teaching experience that I had last week. I said before I'm a girl that relies on her preparation and without it I sometimes feel inadequate. Does that mean I'm not fit to be a teacher, no I'm taking these classes because I'm here to learn to be better teachers. When watching the video of me teaching, I feel that I need to have a more commanding stage presence when I'm in front of the classroom. I did a lot of moving around not really staying in one place. This would help me a lot because students can smell the fear on teachers and will eat away at it. Somethings I felt I did well was that I started with a warm- up had a demonstration and then broke the groups up so they can do a a drill. I tried to model what I learned in skill acquisition and it work even though we didn't have much time.
Once I become more involved in the Physical Education world and furthering myself down the short road to becoming a teacher I know I know this art will become a 6th sense to me. Just cant press fast forward to get there.

Till Next Time

The Unofficial Welcoming to My world of Physical Education