Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Making Yourself Tired Today for a Stronger Tomorrow"

The first field trip our leadership group took this semester, was to a small school in Fayetteville, NY called Mott Road Elementary School. Walking up to the school you can tell a lot just by looking at it. The school had one floor and every classroom window seemed to be decorated with student art work, which may be typical of any upstate elementary school. But once you walked inside its almost as if you walked into a world of student achievement. You can tell from the atmosphere that Mott Road Elementary School was big on character education and started it from a very early age. Throughout the school there were several bulletin boards that displayed good behavior or acts rewards that the students received monthly.

Leadership Practicum

Last semester whooo hooo! It's getting closer and closer to May 11th and just like any other graduate, I'm extremely excited. In case you didn't know before, I attend SUNY Cortland and I'm in the first cohort of its Physical Education Leadership Master program.