Monday, February 1, 2010

Going back to my on the spot teaching experience that I had last week. I said before I'm a girl that relies on her preparation and without it I sometimes feel inadequate. Does that mean I'm not fit to be a teacher, no I'm taking these classes because I'm here to learn to be better teachers. When watching the video of me teaching, I feel that I need to have a more commanding stage presence when I'm in front of the classroom. I did a lot of moving around not really staying in one place. This would help me a lot because students can smell the fear on teachers and will eat away at it. Somethings I felt I did well was that I started with a warm- up had a demonstration and then broke the groups up so they can do a a drill. I tried to model what I learned in skill acquisition and it work even though we didn't have much time.
Once I become more involved in the Physical Education world and furthering myself down the short road to becoming a teacher I know I know this art will become a 6th sense to me. Just cant press fast forward to get there.

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