Tuesday, May 25, 2010

256 Anyone?!?!

I felt the urge to blog about today. I really wanted to fight it, class is over but I just want to bloggggggggg lol (dont judge me). So while I watch the game ...heres how my day went (current score: magics 86 celtics 86)

Today, I attended Boys and Girls High school in Brooklyn, NY. Back when I was in high school this was one of the best schools in the Brooklyn now, since the old principal has passed away, the school going through reconstruction of sort. The school is now dealing with student scoring within level 1 and 2 on standardize test and students that dont really want to learn. Now my host teachers name is Kendra Nelson who is one of the youngest in the P.E. staff. I find her to be quite fascinating because she's actually finding new ways to keep her students involved and engaged.
The classes I'm working with are all inclusive which mean that special needs students are integrated in our class. Kendra is a great teacher for these students and a great teacher me she allows me to share ideas with her that would increase activity in the classroom. Hopefully tomorrow was as great as today!

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