Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Broom Ball Reggie Style !!!

First off let me say, I reached an all time high level of anxiety with this lesson. I know in my last post that this was something i was going to work on but there was so much that factored in with this one lesson. Girl born raise in Brooklyn teaching broom-ball I sport I never even heard of before I transferred into C-State. Two this was a group project ( kinda - sorta a lil) but me and group projects just don't get along. Three I know I'm a PE major but me and tactical sports never see eye to eye (sorry I don't fit your stereotype I want to teach dance but yes i will include EVERYTHING into the program.) Then Four everything else in life that decided to hit all at once and i just didn't know how to deal, I couldn't function it was a very grey period. *sidebar * this is not a cop out honest truth I was very overwhelmed. Which is the reason I'm late with this post.

With this lesson I wanna pat my self on the back *pat pat * because I was so well prepared I felt in the beginning stages. Everything I felt I planned out I was going great until it came to the actual teaching time I choked. I didn't have enough balls for my instant activity monkey in the middle. Then everything kinda went down hill from there. *Note* You could never be over prepared. By right i should of had two activities prepared but I didn't. In this lesson I prepared Strategic plays for the class to learn and perform during a game- like situation. ( which i came up with myself *pat pat* .) These were good but I should of went through each play with the group demonstrate what I want to see from them. Watching the video some of the class looked lost even though I went around and asked how everyone was doing with the plays and try to explain it, a demo would of had them going a lot sooner.
I really need to work one being clear to the students. I realize that when i actually go out in the teaching field students will be younger most times they wont understand the thoughts flowing through my head ( heck! half the time I don't) but I have some key points in preparation that I did for this lesson that I didn't do for others, and key points in preparation for other that i didn't do here. Now I just need to work on bringing all the points together for a stella performance on lab D.

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