Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time spent in out of class in Physical Activity and Teaching

                    My time throughout this semester was well spent. As you may know I am a very involved leader on this SUNY Cortland campus at times this was overwhelming but  getting my 10 of outside practice was a breeze.
                    During this semester I was granted a Resident Assistant position in Glass Tower. As an RA you are responsible for putting on programs for the residence that live there. I recently I did a program on stress relief and taught the students various yoga positions and then as a group we put them altogether into one routine. The students enjoyed this program so much they wanted to do it again. This was valuable experience working with my peers and giving them feedback on their technique, in return the students gave me feed on how well the program was and rate me on my teaching techniques.
                    Throughout the year I also serve on the executive board of the Caribbean Students Association. Throughout the semester we hold club meetings and event where we teach our members bout issues and events concerning the Caribbean. I feel this time spent can contribute to the outside teaching because in order for each meeting to go on it took a lot of planning and implementing. A lot of what I learned in 255 this semester I even used during our meeting time like instant activities and hooking our members into coming back again next week.
                     Another extracurricular activity I have is babysitting an 10 month old baby name Jaylah Scott. She was bunches of fun. I would spend time going over ABC's and doing recognition activities with her. By the end of our times together I feel that she really did learn the differences between shapes and recognized some her ABC's.
                    So all together I reached the goal of 10 hours of outside practice.
 RA programs 1.5 x 2= 3
CSA meetings and Event =5x 1=5
Baby Sitting Hours 2 x 3 = 6
total =14 hours!!!!!!!

unfortunately I dont have a camera and my camera phone is broken. :(

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