Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teaching 101

Never been put on the spot to teach before. Blood rushing to face telling myself "girl, you've done this before." I've always been a girl that relies on preparation. I'm pretty sure my peers seen my nervousness as I picked up the volleyball telling them they are going to learn how to spike against future opponents. Crazy enough this is a rush I like being in front of the class having the students doing my own little dance that i created on the spot around the little neon green ball in my hand. So here a demonstration of what I wanted them to do, I'm pretty sure I looked like a fool, cant wait to see the video on youtube. From there I have them do the three step approach to the net showed them technique to hit hit the ball over the net. I have them spike the ball down to floor over to there partner for a drill, so no one going to be killed (get it ?! spike= kill ..so no one gets killed hahaha.)

Before I know it my time is over, wipe the sweat off my face and hand the ball over. Who ever said teaching is the easiest thing haven't spent time on my part of the ring.

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